Re: Captcha solving services and NVDA

David Goldfield

Bianka and others,

While I haven't used these yet, as I've only been made aware of them today, I'll pass on two captcha solvers to you.

One of them is called Buster.

The other is called anti-Captcha Solver.

Again, I haven't had a chance to try them out but I hope to do so shortly. I'm also planning to add a page to my Web site listening current as well as discontinued captcha solvers as I think such a service is needed.

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist WWW.David-Goldfield.Com
On 2/15/2019 4:58 AM, Bianka Brankovic wrote:

Hello all, 

as Webvisum, at least to my knowledge, has been discontinued, I am wondering if there are affordable captcha solving services which are accessible with NVDA? 

Anny input on this is highly appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards,


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