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That explains why I have stopped to use profissional translators...
We, users, do not need a literal translation, but a translation that can explain, in everyday words, what the author means...

Because of that, in portuguese we have translated the menu "Input gestures" to "Define commands", because, in end of day, is what you do in that dialog... You are defining what command, meaning keyboard keystroke, Braille display keystroke or a touch gesture, will perform the action...

I, in all my translations use this approach, in spite of, some times, I need to rewrite all the manual for a device...

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Às 15:07 de 16/02/2019, Brian Vogel escreveu:

On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 06:54 AM, Ian Westerland wrote:
Another way around the issue might be to define what the word means
in context so "gesture" could be used within the contextual
definition. Just a thought.
        Just because I have been in this situation more than once before, I have to tell you that this idea will either not work at all or not work well.
        People do not tend to read documentation cover to cover nor in order, and that actually makes perfect sense.  We seek out sections either via the index, table of contents, or searching that appear to relate directly to the issue we're trying to solve or the thing we're trying to learn about.
         Gesture is an utterly unclear and inappropriate term for a command.  Others have stated exactly why, especially for your typical reader of English.  If one has to explain the basic concept of command then something's very, very wrong with the terminology being used and you can be sure that many people will miss the explanation for the reason I noted above.
          The ability to directly apprehend meaning, with the bare minimum of additional explanation, is critical in technical documentation.  Mind you, there are obviously times when "the bare minimum" will be far from bare or minimal, but this isn't one of those.
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