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Thank you for "cutting to the chase" on my inquiry!  The development platform that I am using is designed to optimize spinning panoramic imagery that provides better context compared to still imagery.....because it allows the viewer to see what is above, behind, below and all around the initial focal point of the image.  What makes the program so appealing to me as a sighted person is that it allows the incorporation of other supporting video and still imagery to be accessed from within the panoramic image.  This requires that a transition element like a button....or several buttons be accessible within the spinning panoramic image.  For right now, there seems to be no easy way to make the transition to these buttons with a screen reader.  So, I have inferred that a good first step in making panoramic projects more screen reader friendly would be to find a way to use key strokes to move from panorama to panorama....where the best description possible tor each panorama is be provided with an alt tag or tooltip.  In the project link that I originally posted I can use the up and down arrows to move through a combobox this lists the different campgrounds and recreation areas, but when I hit the enter key to select one of those areas, I cannot figure out how to use a keystroke to move through the 15 or so individual thumbnail images representing all of the panoramas that I am showing in each of 10 campground / day use areas.  It would then be useful to use a keystroke to find your way back to the combobox that you could skip around more quickly and find what you are looking for.  In this particular project...In many of the campgrounds, there are specific campsites designed for accessibility located right next to the shower houses that are also designed for accessibility.  I think that this information might be sought by camping enthusiasts on this forum.

Also, thank you for letting me know that Google seems not to have cracked this.  Using NVDA on Google maps, it looks and sounds to me like they have done a pretty good job at facilitating keystroke navigation to every part of their maps....except the imagery in "Photos" and "Streetview."  One of the problems for them is that they allow the general public to put imagery up in these places....and many times there are no captions provided.  My strategy right now is to find a way to enable keystroke navigation through each of the 150 or 200 panoramas that I have in each project, where the screen reader speaks the description.  The next step will be to find away to navigate with keystrokes within each panorama to find the additional content like video and stills that may be available there.

With all of this said.  If anyone out there has been able to reliably access all of the 150 panoramas in my project link and hear the tootips (they are repetitive at this point....only speaking the name of the recreation area,) I would appreciate learning the correct keystrokes to achieve that. 

Brian, thanks again for taking the time to clarify!

Cheers, Greg
Greg Hosler



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