Re: Graphics that contain links


OK, is a better example.  I have learned that after the page has loaded, you can use the down / up arrow alternating with a single mouse click anywhere on the page to move up and down a series of thumbnail graphics, with the tooltip for each one being announced.  First one is "The Cal Ripken Experience - which is a baseball complex in Pigeon Forge, TN - so my tooltip here is inadequate," 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are "Wear Farm Park."  Each of these four panoramas has buttons inside that provide an alternate way to navigate to the previous or next panorama.  The buttons have the exact same tooltip as the corresponding thumbnail graphic.  What confuses me is that in odd instances, when I first land on the page the focus goes fairly quickly to a combobox and NVDA starts announcing that list which is selectable. Then, once you select an item to get to the thumbnail graphics, you can use the down/up arrow in combination with one or sometimes two mouse clicks to move from graphic to graphic.  Would alternating mouse clicks with down/up arrow be off-putting to most NVDA end users?  What Travis Siegel has said about "moving on" if the process becomes too difficult comes to mind here.
Greg Hosler



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