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Was just reading what you wrote to the guys and the response they gave. I find what works well for me when i contact different places I say i am blind and use a screen reader. I then point them towards the nvda screen reader website or in some cases they can see a demo of nvda on you tube.

So at least it gives them idea I better not forget i say it is a adaptive technology for the blind.

The way you have to look at it at times is that it might be there very first time they have come across a screen reader or or even herd of one and what it does.

I then go through the website or software and point out what needs to be done.

In a lot of cases it is mostly labeling..

Say in the case of a website i use for banking for they went graphical did not put in the alt/tag so the screen reader could read what it was. took out the headings etc.

So I pointed out now to navigate the website i had to use the letter G for graphics to navigate the site but because there was no alt/tab it did not know what it was etc.

Pointed out what had to be done and they fixed it. I am still there customer but have done this for other websites and software etc.

Pretty much if they know what the problem is most will fix.

Another example this one still a website in the account sections they had 16 unlabled buttons but when i let them know they said they were labled visually. So then i done a recording of me navigating the account section with nvda so they could hear what i heard then pasted it on there face book page. Then emailed them back on the same email thread. Again in the email re enforced what i had pasted to there face book page and the sections that were not right.

again it got all fixed in the account section but for another company.

I guess it is better than what we see here on the list now and again people saying it does not work. What does not Is it a website/ software you know what i mean.

any how good luck with them.

But i have noticed this in some emails sent to the list. I am just wondering if the approach is the same I would have to go back and see what you said in the first emails to them.

Good luck

Gene nz

On 18/02/2019 1:19 AM, Robert Kingett wrote:

Yes, I just wanted the NVDA community to see what I've been up to. :) And, I'm still working on Patreon's accessibility too. I should have told TB to send a read receipt when sending these out, but this was my second time writing this because gmail, or TB, gave a, server busy! Error so had to do this all over again. If they don't reply within a week, I'll start making phone calls.

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