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The basics of it is already present in NVDA (browse mode version); it is now a matter of extending that to other places, hopefully with an add-on first, followed by an offer to move it into NVDA itself once it proves popular.




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The search feature should, I think, be in NVDA, not in the Golden Cursor. This is important funcionality and is too important to depend on a user downloading an add-on to have it available.



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Subject: [nvda] Golden Cursor question




In my efforts to find out if Golden Cursor is as good as the mouse with JAWS, I’d say not quite.  Let me explain.


I just downloaded it, and there seems to be no way to search for a string of text within GC and have the mouse land on that text, so you can just click it, without routing, saving positions, etc.


Could this possibly be added?  A Mouse Search in NVDA?  I use Search in JAWS cursor all the time, and it moves the mouse to where I want it.


Or am I really stupid and missing it?


Someone suggested that GC does more than the JAWS cursor, but I don’t really see that.


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