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A lot of us get this from time to time. I have set up an iImap account so I can see the spam folder on my email providers servers. I then move spam to inbox when its appropriate and that then gets delivered to my pop3 service with the message sorting rules for my offline folders.
It seems to happen due to the way isps tend to give scores to emails with regard to number coming from a source, sub line wording and repetition and listed on black list type servers sending the mail. You can often see the scores in the headers.
I would have thought they could avoid it by not checking mail from a list, but I guess spammers would then spoof the headers to get to the final recipient. Sigh.
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Hi, the reason for this test is, I received an email just now telling me
that one my emails was marked as spam and I should try to subscribe
again after 7 days.
As it clearly was a mistake, I'm sending to the lists that I'm into test
emails to see if I keep on there.

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