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Steve Nutt

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I don’t really understand what you’re saying here in the context of JAWS.  Are you saying that JAWS can’t do this?  I’d beg to differ, although you’d have to get the Hotspot Clicker script that The Snowman has written, then you could do this just as easily.


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On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 02:58 PM, Steve Nutt wrote:

Someone suggested that GC does more than the JAWS cursor, but I don’t really see that.

Well, it can come in really, really handy for being able to activate unlabeled controls, repeatedly, in programs one might not otherwise be able to access.

I've helped someone who really needed to be able to use a program that was, for all intents and purpose, completely inaccessible get through it for their intended purposes just because they could do the equivalent of "point and click" on the controls once we'd worked together to locate them on a fully maximized window for that program.  Admittedly, my sight was necessary for the setup phase, but it made it possible to use this antique thing they had to be able to use as they only needed to be able to activate two controls (and I don't recall the details at this point).

There are different kinds of accessibility, and while this certainly isn't complete in any meaningful sense it certainly is functional within the context.  I've recommended programs that are not 100% accessible but where the function of focus is because it's only that function I intend the client to use it for, and the program is particularly good at it.

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