Microsoft refresh tool.


I bought thisĀ  Acer laptop, 256GB SSD, frankly because that was all I could afford, I make money from book sales, after all. Anyway, I assume that it will come with a lot of bloat on it. ACER driver managers, and more ACER junk. I've never bought an ACER laptop before, usually I've gone with HP and or DELL because they are cheap, but this one was a deal so, I had a few questions regarding the Microsoft refresh tool.

1. Does it really do as Microsoft claims? Remove apps not by Microsoft? I'm looking to do a complete refresh when I unpack the laptop today.

2. I have a digital license tied to my Microsoft account for windows 10, but just in case, does anyone know how I can back up my product key for entering after I do the refresh? Also, will the digital license adapt itself to different home versions? Like, for example, if the laptop has 1809?

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