Re: Golden Cursor question


Hi Ralph and others,

I don’t think that’s the command set Steve is looking for. Rather, I think what he is after is mouse routing commands that comes with NVDA as follows:

  • NVDA+Numpad divide (NVDA+Shift+M in laptop layout): route mouse to where you’re focused on or control you’re reviewing (navigator object)
  • NVDA+Numpad multiply (NVDA+Shift+N in laptop layout): move navigator object to where the mouse is.


There is no built-in command set to move mouse around with a keyboard (apart from Golden Cursor), but mouse keys might help (using Numpad to move the mouse around, a built-in Ease of Access feature in Windows).




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Golden Cursor question


Key commands

• Control+NVDA+L: view saved mouse positions for an application if any.

• Shift+NVDA+l: save a tag or a label for the current mouse position in the currently focused application.

• Windows+NVDA+C: change mouse movement unit.

• Windows+NVDA+R: toggle mouse restriction.

• Windows+NVDA+S: toggle reporting of mouse position in pixels.

• Windows+NVDA+J: move mouse to a specific x and y position.

• Windows+NVDA+P: report mouse position.

• Windows+NVDA+M: sswitch mouse arrows on or off.

• Windows+NVDA+arrow keys (or just arrow keys if mouse arrows is on): move mouse.

Note: these gestures can be reassigned via NVDA's Input Gestures dialog under Golden Cursor category.


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Hello Jean,


So what are the mouse movement keys via the keyboard then?  I’m sorry I can’t find them.




All the best




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Golden Cursor question


You can move the mouse with the keyboard now.  You can't move it as precisely.  I don't have an opinion about whether the Golden Cursor features should be incorporated into the source code.  But your implication that the mouse can't be moved without the Golden Cursor is not correct.



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I think the whole Golden Cursor thing should be in NVDA to be honest.  The ability to move the mouse using the keyboard has been in screen readers, since the invention of Windows.


Supernova has it, System Access has it, JAWS has it, Window-Eyes was best at it, and so on.


All the best




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Golden Cursor question


The search feature should, I think, be in NVDA, not in the Golden Cursor. This is important funcionality and is too important to depend on a user downloading an add-on to have it available.



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Subject: [nvda] Golden Cursor question




In my efforts to find out if Golden Cursor is as good as the mouse with JAWS, I’d say not quite.  Let me explain.


I just downloaded it, and there seems to be no way to search for a string of text within GC and have the mouse land on that text, so you can just click it, without routing, saving positions, etc.


Could this possibly be added?  A Mouse Search in NVDA?  I use Search in JAWS cursor all the time, and it moves the mouse to where I want it.


Or am I really stupid and missing it?


Someone suggested that GC does more than the JAWS cursor, but I don’t really see that.


All the best





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