Re: Spreadsheet editing software recommendations - open office, or libre office?

Antony Stone

How can you tell that a licence key you buy on eBay has genuinely been
recycled and is not also being used on other machines?

Excel was released (first for the Mac) in 1985. The first really successful
spreadsheet application (so successful that it helped to sell the Apple II and
other pre-IBM PC machines) was VisiCalc, released six years earlier in 1979.



On Monday 18 February 2019 at 15:42:09, Brian Vogel wrote:

The recycled license market is readily accessible on eBay. There are other
sites, too, but that's the one I use.

Excel is the granddaddy of all electronic spreadsheet programs. Of course
it can be used to create and edit spreadsheets - it practically invented
Software development can be quick, high quality, or low cost.

The customer gets to pick any two out of three.

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