Re: Microsoft refresh tool.


Firstly, you should be able to download and use media creation to remove all the partitions on the drive and then reinstall the software.

Firstly you would create your windows media as normal.

Then you would boot off it maybe you will need sighted help to boot the usb stick.

After that, you can run setup and choose to repair the computer and start recovery console.

Once in there you type diskpart and hit enter.

Next list disk, there is probably only 1 disk.

Then select disk.

Then type clean

After that exit diskpart by typing exit.

then type setup and hit enter, then install windows as you want.

You then need to go to the acer website, and use their serial number detection program to get your serial, then you can download and reinstall all the programs and drivers.

With my hp, it came with mcafee, and a load of bloat.

However the hp site had hp utilities, and diagnostics, drivers and bios updates.

You will probably want to go to the nvidia site and download and install their drivers for the unit, probably has those to and links to get them.

The java program to access the detecter is not accessible but once you have drivers they will work.

Intel has a driver updater which you need to load which is not accessible but once thats installed, typing intel driver and support assistant in google is enough to start it.

Most likely you will get everything you need then.

As for the laptop, I'd be carefull about buying this as I havn't found it in the acer website when trying to search for it.

Then again I don't have a serial code for that however I had a bad experience with a store last year where after not having what I wanted they gave me a deal on a laptop that they said was really good.

They seemed to push it on me though saying it was really good.

It didn't exist anywhere online, it was not supported.

And it was really old to.

Worse came to it I would be left with an unsupported laptop that I would then have to get rid of.

I have never used acer units but see what they do.

One thing I really hate about intel units though is they need drivers for everything.

In my hp, I do need drivers for everything, the smart card, the sound card and network cards but the processer, chipset, graphics and sound controlers both internal and external are all amd so I only have 1 driver package.

On 19/02/2019 1:53 AM, Robert Kingett wrote:

I bought thisĀ  Acer laptop, 256GB SSD, frankly because that was all I could afford, I make money from book sales, after all. Anyway, I assume that it will come with a lot of bloat on it. ACER driver managers, and more ACER junk. I've never bought an ACER laptop before, usually I've gone with HP and or DELL because they are cheap, but this one was a deal so, I had a few questions regarding the Microsoft refresh tool.

1. Does it really do as Microsoft claims? Remove apps not by Microsoft? I'm looking to do a complete refresh when I unpack the laptop today.

2. I have a digital license tied to my Microsoft account for windows 10, but just in case, does anyone know how I can back up my product key for entering after I do the refresh? Also, will the digital license adapt itself to different home versions? Like, for example, if the laptop has 1809?

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