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What are you describing?  Document mode is a review mode.  Browse mode is intended to be used in a browser or a PDF document in programs that support it.  it creates a virtual cursor.  As far as I know, you aren't intended to use document review in browse mode.

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a problem also Joseph, is that with UIA enabled, NVDA brows mode and document mode, when you exit browse mode, are on completely different parts of a document.

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At least to answer Robert’s question through this one: no, it won’t be enabled by default, as NVDA developers and some testers found bugs and regressions with UIA on.




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I agree, this makes reading even complex word documents as quick as reading a mere Notepad window, making Word actually enjoyable to use. I hope that all other Office programs start using this too.

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If this will become a much wanted method of interacting with word, and since Microsoft will continue making better support, shouldn't this be on by default after1901?

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