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farhan israk

Thank you. Though I have cannon scanner, I use open book to scan documents. I don't use in build software of cannon because nvda doesn't say any option of that software.

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Often its the formatting that gets mangled when you do this I find.
Seriously, then the time has come to invest in a multi-function machine that can do the job, and with ease.

All of my Canon multi-functions for the last 15 years or so have been able to scan a document in either landscape or portrait format and create the corresponding OCRed and fully readable PDF.   I seem to recall recently it having actually scanned one that was portrait, but with a landscape banner running up the left side of the page, such that the banner was recognized.  This wasn't a good thing, though, so we ended up covering it up.

I think the top price, new, I've paid is around $80 and the cheapest one, now long gone was $29.

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