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That’s control+K not Alt+K.


There is also a distinguishing difference that you should be aware of.


The Control+K method does not grab the information from your history, it only checks what’s actually in your address book.  So if the name you want is not actually in your contacts, then Control+K won’t work for you.


History and contacts are different.  History is the most recent Emails you have written or replied to, regardless as to whether they are in your contacts or not.  Contacts is restricted to what you have physically added to your contacts.


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This is the first time I’ve heard of someone bringing this up with NVDA. It was a bug that popped up with Jaws 2019 during the betas and now since the most recent January update. Vispero for its part says that they’re aware of this bug and for some at least, it’s since been resolved. Unfortunately for me though, I’m one of the folks who is still dealing with it. I’m running Outlook 2016 on an Office license that I purchased. Not the 365 product.

Vispero did provide me with a config file fix and while it did address the autocomplete announcement issue, the subject field in the calendar appointments were not being spoken by Jaws. Nor were my various dictionary manager entries in Outlook. This for me was a deal breaker so I uninstalled that fix.

In any event, one workaround is to type a few letters of the email address you want (the email address has to be in your address book) and then press alt+K. A screen will pop up with the various email addresses contained in your address book that you can arrow through to select the correct one. 


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Subject: [nvda] NVDA Not Reading Auto-Complete Results in Outlook


I recently started using Outlook after signing up for an Office 365 trial. When composing a new message, after I type the first few letters of the recipient’s name, NVDA doesn’t read the name and address or any of the results in the list the way Thunderbird does. I have enough vision to see that a list has indeed popped up after I’ve typed a few characters, but when I arrow up or down, it only says, “blank.” Pressing NVDA plus Up Arrow to read the current line doesn’t do anything, either.


A friend, who uses NVDA with an older version of Outlook, says she can arrow up and down through the list of suggestions and press Enter on the one she wants. All I can do to ensure I’m sending the message to the correct recipient is to type that person’s full name and press Enter, and usually, the correct name and address is displayed and read.


Since Office 365 features the latest versions of their apps, I’m assuming this is a compatibility issue between NVDA and the latest version of Outlook. Is there an add-on for this? If not, I hope it can be addressed in a future update.




Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author





Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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