About accessable book reading apps

UMIT ERDEM Yigitoglu

I know that the subject is off topic for this group, but I don't know any mailing group that it would be suitable for and I thought that discussing book reading won't hurt us. if I crowd your inbox I'm sorry. 
first of all, just to satisfy my curiosity, how do you read or listen your books usually (e.g, which platform, what programs or apps, what kind of format in) and why?
for myself:
I usually get my books from Bookshare.org and read them with apple books Because it is very easy to use and acsessible. 
Secondly, I like Apple books very much. it is pretty easy to use. However, it is very anoying not to be able to sencronize it with my computor or other divices. I would much prefer having a library that I can reach from everywhere. Adobe digital edditions seems promising at first but IOS app doesn't work with voiceover at all and it has some important accessibility issues in windows with NVDA wich I can tolerate if I could have used it in my phone effectively. do you have any recommendations for a free or cheap app that I can use in at least windows and IOS with singronisation? highlighting text and bookmarking is very important for me too.
I am really sorry about this long post but I think discussing this issue will be a stimulating discussion and is important.
Best regards

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