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Its actually better security wise to have each person with 1 computer and 1 account unless you have some suite like norton and limited accounts for the system and 1 admin account.

I know people and friends that have done this.

Sadly I have had to service computers with teenagers on them with accounts limited and otherwise and they are a lot more work than standard adult users.

More viruses and spyware, and therefore more dammaged data, more reformats,  more cracked software, etc.

I can get the situation where something is screwing up a system because of a hole in it, and not only do the users not know what it is, they don't know why it was there in the first place.

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That seems a bit odd, since many family computers will have multiple accounts, I'd have thought.

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The browser you're using has multiple Google accounts cookied. You have
to visit the page and logout/remove any extra Google
accounts. Then make sure only your main Google account is cookied on
that browser.

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Hi guys

I was asked on another list if people are having problems with re
capture in this case he sent me a demo page and nvda reports
unavailable in all editable sections it reads out the section. also
down where you check the check box to say you are not a bot or what
ever it is as soon as you check it it takes you to another page where
it wants you to try and pass either a text bassed one or a audio one
but then gives you a message saying

Part of the message below. He gets this on other websites with capture .

What happens is that I get a message that says we can't process your
query because a computer on your network might be sending automated
queries. I don't believe anything here is doing that. I've read that
one of the ways reCAPTCHA uses to try to tell that we're not a robot
is to look at your mouse movements. But of course I'm not using a
mouse so it might look like I'm a robot. Maybe some people might agree
but let's not go there right now.

Is it on there side and they have broken it? I also tried some other
browsers same sort of results with the latest stable version of nvda.

There is a link in the email to the demo page.

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