Re: CTRL-C doesn't work for copying text when NVDA is on


hi gene.
is there any solution that i can set nvda to read clipboard regardless
of is the text is long or not?
i believe nvda cant read more than 1000 or 1024 characters, but i wish
to have a solution that nvda can reads anything in the clipboard, even
i want to select and copy a large book with hundreds of pages.
in this case, i can simply overcome the problem of not supporting
sayAll in libreoffice.
i can copy and peist my document in firefox or there is one option in
libreoffice that i can temporarily open my document and read in
firefox which has supporting for sayAll, but i need openning two
programs at the same time, one libreoffice and one another program,
firefox, which cause more system usage and power consumpsion.
thanks for any of your help, God bless you!

On 2/20/19, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
The way to do it is to incorporate the add-on that announces this into the
source of the program or modify it and place it in source. or if desired,
though it is probably redeveloping the weel, developing the ability
independently in the screen-reader. A lot of users will never know about
the add-on.

The designers and developers refuse to do so, last I knew, because of the
claim, incorrect, that the announcement of when text is copied, cut, or
pasted, cannot be reliably known for screen-readers. I have stated before,
from years of use with JAWS and I know that System Access does as well, that
this can be accurately done. The add-on, is usually accurate as well. I'm
not sure if it is every single time but I have never or almost never seen an
error after something like eight months or more of regular use.

Perhaps others verifying this would finally convince developers that this
can be accurately done. This is an important ability and should be added
From: Jackie
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 11:37 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] CTRL-C doesn't work for copying text when NVDA is on

Well, weirdly enough, it does do this in Firefox, but not in Word,
Notepad, etc. They really should make that consistent, & they should
make it suchvvv that announcement could be toggled on/off as desired.

On 2/20/19, marcio via Groups.Io <marcinhorj21@...>
I can confirm that, at least without an add-on to do it, NVDA doesn't
announce anything when we perform such operations (cut, copy, paste
What did you do to have these announcements?

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Em 20/02/2019 14:13, Jackie escreveu:
It does announce "copy to clipboard".

On 2/20/19, Roger Stewart <paganus2@...> wrote:
I've been using NVDA since 2012 and never had this problem. However,
NVDA will not announce anything like "copied to clipboard" so you might
not think anything has happened, but it does still work normally. When
you paste the text, you'll find it all worked.

On 2/20/2019 10:54 AM, Ryan Boudwin wrote:
Hey everyone,

I recently swapped from JAWS to NVDA because it seems to work better
for me for certain web applications that I use for work.

However, whenever NVDA is running I have noticed that CTRL-C no longer
works for copying text to the clipboard.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is there a command I need to
bind to a different keystroke to make the normal copy functionality
work again? It works normally whenever NVDA is not running.

Best regards,

Ryan Boudwin

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