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Clare Page <>

I use ClipSpeak all the time, and have never had the error you describe,
Brian, not even in Microsoft Word. Either I'm simply lucky, or there is some
problem with your copy of Word, although I can't guess what that would be.
Do any other ClipSpeak users have the "insufficient memory" error mentioned
Bye for now!
From Clare

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I thought it might have been fixed but its still not able to paste into word

documents without the following error occurring.

There is insufficient memory. Save the document now

This seems not to care which version of Word I'm using, even old versions
like Word XP show this error.
Very odd.
I guess its a side issue due to how it checks clipboard contents. One has
to remember that pasting from say wordpad as I tried to Word is probably
dealing with both the normal and office clipboard which may have some
bearing on the problem so its back to the dumb add on unless anyone has any
fixes for the current add on.

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