Re: CTRL-C doesn't work for copying text when NVDA is on


I just tested it and it works and also announces it.

On 2/21/19, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
It is not generally very slow. there are times when it is slow but in
general, while you wait a little, it is much better to wait a little than to
not know if something is done, such as when you are copying files to the
clipboard. Before the add/on, I had the experience, more than once, of
copying a number of files to the clipboard, then pasting them somewhere.
Then I would copy other files to the clipboard and paste them somewhere
else. Because I received no indication of whether copying had taken place,
I had no way to know. The result was that the first files were again copied
and copied in the wrong location. I had to manually remove them, that is,
find them in the list and delete them, then go back, paste the files again,
and copy the correct ones to the correct location. Now that's slow. I
don't mind waiting a second to hear the confirmation when it may save me
from what I just described.

I don't use Word so I can't comment on the low memory errors. But the
add-on you used was the first version. As I recall, there was an update.
Did you try it to see if it was faster and if the low memory errors were
eliminated? Further, did others experience the low memory errors? At this
point, we don't know if this is an uncommon problem or a common one.

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I stopped using the add onyou describe that is intelligent as it kept on
throwing up low memory errors in word and was very slow.

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Using fake clipboard announcement it does exactly what you described.
That is, it speaks the command regardless it has worked or not.
However, there is an add-on which also does exactly what you described
after the first, I just can't remember its name right now.

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Em 20/02/2019 14:49, Kwork escreveu:
But do any of these add-ons speak the result of the action itself, or
just the keyboard command when pressed?

When I tried one, I realized that it would say "copied to clipboard,"
whether the action had been completed successfully or not. When I used
to use JAWS, if the program said "copied" after pressing ctrl+c, I
knew I could believe it. With the NVDA add-on, it spoke the action,
but didn't know for sure if it worked or not, which many times it did
not. If this has been somehow fixed, that would be a great aid as
NVDA's silence can be somewhat irritating until verifying what's on
the clipboard with NVDA+c. I'd love it to not only echo the key action.

Another thing I'd like to see in NVDA is for the first part of a large
block of text being read out when NVDA+c is pressed. As of now it
tells you the number of characters, but that's all. If you are moving
large portions of text at a time, it would be nice to have some
confirmation of at least some of it, maybe the first 100 characters or
so. Even the full text would be ok as anything past what you'd want to
hear can be easily silenced by the user with the control key.


On 2/20/2019 10:30 AM, Mallard wrote:

Hello there,

Is it tha the command doesn't work, or that its result isn't announced?

There are some add-ons to make NVDA announce when text is copied to
clipboard or pasted.

The one I use is called


hth, ciao,


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