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Yes what he also does not say in this article and something i did attempt to help with was the public facing lies that the BBC portray about how accessible their site was, while all the time removing background data used by apis trying to make client software to play tv and radio and podcast content easier.
It amazes me that although they knew folk were writing accessible front ends for tvs and windows and mobile apps, they would chop and change how the data was presented soo a few months later the app no longer worked.

Yes we are just an afterthought by many in my view.
Bah Humbug!

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This is a really great blog post by the developer of WebbIE,
<> a text based web browser based off
IE, and other accessible applications, like an accessible podcast
client, that's free! and an accessible RSS feed reader. I hope you all
enjoy the post. It's below.

Read the post here.

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