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QReadd's the closest thing I've found to a pretty complete program.
I use the portable version placed in my Google Drive folder to be able to
synch across my computers
I would like features where you could add notes to certain passages for a
more thorough reading experience. Especially if you're trying to learn or
study something, but alas.

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Yep. Doesn't seem like a lot to ask, but all those thigns together are oddly
a rarity.

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I'm still looking for a good, free program to do this, which will preserve
formatting, like italics and bold. I just need it to open EPUB files, work
with links, both external and internal, show a table of contents when asked,
and save my place in the book. For now, I use my Mac, with Emacs, and
Emacspeak to read Emacs, and the nov-el addon to read EPUB files.
On Feb 22, 2019, at 3:00 PM, JM Casey <jmcasey@...> wrote:

I use qRead to open the files, then just save as .txt and dump into my
braille note for reading on the display. :D Neat programme though. It
worth the money because it does open these files really quickly.

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the only thing I don't like about the update is that it kind of broke
ability to read with anything other than your actual screen reader because
every time I hit control+s to enable speech from QRead's own ability to
enable that feature, it starts at the beginning of the book or document that
it's reading from, no matter where the cursor used to be in the document.
However, to make this on topic, if you read with just NVDA and whatever
voice or synthesizer you choose to use and use your say-all command, it
works beautifully! I can't use my Ivona Kendra voice, though, because of the
issue I described above. I have an earlier portable version of QRead for
times when I want to use Kendra, though.


On 2/22/2019 3:50 AM, Mallard wrote:
Yes, Qread is great. I too couldn't do without it in Windows.

the only drawback with Qread is that it doesn't maintain the links in
ebooks, but the Find and Document Position are excellent features,
which can definitely make up for that.

I thought Qread had sort of been abandoned by its dev, but a couple
of weeks ago I had the pleasant surprise of an update, so it's alive
and well...

Highly recommended. Worth every penny and more.



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