Re: no pop up announcements


Possibly. We'll need to wait for him to get back with the answer :)
By the way, hey Robert, tell us. What's the end of the story?
Em 23/02/2019 12:30, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io escreveu:

Has he left screen navigation on rather than global?

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On my side I was able to create a new table of Monopoly and also other
games and NVDA told me everything I needed to know to set the table
properly according to my likes.
Have you tried restarting Playroom? If so, and if it doesn't get things
back to normality, how about restarting NVDA itself?
If it's still showing no results, how about restarting with add-ons
I'd suggest that you'd be using the client minimized, however I did it
and even so NVDA reads all correctly.

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Em 23/02/2019 08:36, Robert Doc Wright godfearer escreveu:

If you have QuintC’s playroom just go through the steps of creating a
game. For example when creating a monopoly game it normally asks if
you wish to use the default options. For me I only hear ‘yes’. I have
to move to the history window to find out what I am yessing to.

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*Subject:* Re: [nvda] no pop up announcements

Could you give more instructions to reproduce this behavior?
I'd like to play with it and see what I can get so we can find out
what at least should be causes for the problem, but there's no steps
for me to follow :(

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Em 23/02/2019 07:51, Robert Doc Wright godfearer escreveu:

    When in quentinC playroom it is not announceing the game options
    when creating a new game. It use to do this. It is only announcing
    the answer choices.

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