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Yes, this is legit - I have a student who knows this team,


On 2/23/2019 2:43 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

How can you tell if it is legit as in it is a real study by the real people?

I have not checked out the documentation etc but some one else asked the question on another list.

Gene nz


On 24/02/2019 3:37 AM, Adriani Botez wrote:
Hello all,

I got this Info on Fb. It seems to be a very interesting study.


Seeking your participation for a study “Understanding computational journeys of people with visual impairments” conducted by Microsoft Research India Dear all, I am a research fellow at Microsoft Research India. I am part of a research group that aims to create the right tools, technologies and support for children with visual impairment to pursue computing as a career. We are aware that there are numerous challenges in pursuing such a path. In order to move forward we want to understand the unique experiences of individuals like you who have managed to overcome these barriers and to extract best practices based on such experiences. This study is divided into two parts, the first part captures your background through a survey (20-30 mins), while the second part delves into the depth of your experiences of your computational journey through an online/offline semi-structured interview (45-60 mins). Based on the response to your survey and interest to participate in the second part of the study, the research team will contact you after completion of the first part. Upon full completion of the second part of the study i.e. the online/offline interviews, you will receive an Amazon gift card of 25 US Dollars as a token of appreciation for your time and effort. Additionally, if the interviews are conducted offline (at place of your convenience), accommodation and travel will be arranged by Microsoft or will be reimbursed. We invite you to participate in the first part of the study by taking part in an online survey. We are excited to hear your story so that we can better design solutions to create opportunities for many others to follow your path. Before you give consent for your participation in the study, please carefully go through the consent form attached with this email. Link: In case you have any questions about the consent form, please email Vidhya Y, at<>. Should you have any questions concerning the project, please contact Manohar Swaminathan (<>). To convey your consent to participate in this study, please fill inn your name in the consent form and send it to Vidya Y via email. Once we receive your consent, link to the survey will be sent out via email. We have made sure that the survey form is accessible for screen readers. We also request you to kindly share this email with your contacts who are in the computing field(includes all fields involving the usage of computers for work/study) and have visual impairment. Thank you for your time. Warm regards, Vidhya Research Fellow, Microsoft Research India Bangalore, India

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