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Yes this is in fact an issue on Outlook Express but its not a new thing at all, it goes back to several versions previous. The difference in OE is that it remains pane no matter what, and only restarting the email software can fix it. Its as if some hooking into the software can cause a delay in the software which then makes the email program thinks its done things that it has not done.

Most odd. I have a shortcut on my desktop for OE that reboots it by closing it without letting it save the identity its on, so it will come back up in the same one.
I've been doing this on xp and now on windows 7, ie the hacked version of OE.

I never liked live mail due to its everything in a big pile mentality, and the lack of proper ccess to the to field.

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I have read the messages so far on the problems with NVDA incorrectly reporting WLM navigation on Windows 10 and would like to add the following, which may serve as clarification for other affected users and for the Devs to track down the problem. Hopefully this is not already common knowledge.

There seem to be 2 issues, although an error does not always occur and there is inconsistency in what NVDA says, even if working on the same message twice:

1. in a new message or when forwarding a message without an attachment, when you hit Tab after entering an addressee and a Subject, the focus is not on the message text box – it seems to me that the focus goes to an assumed attachment, even when there is no attachment, and hitting Tab again restores normal operation.

2. in a reply, what is spoken is the “To” box instead of focus being on the message text box. Pressing Tab to navigate is ineffective (it actually adds tabs to the message text). You can input text, but text editing is impossible, with NVDA saying only “blank” – normal operation is restored by using Alt plus Tab to go away from the reply, then again to return to it.

In a little more detail, I think I can suggest ways of detecting the likelihood of an error, until a real fix is found:
a.. in a new or forwarded message (CTRL plus N or CTRL plus F), insert the recipient, press Enter to voice the selection, tab to the Subject box and type the topic, tab to what should be the message text box, if NVDA says “document editable, blank” all should be fine, but if it says “pane, document editable, blank”, the insertion point sits in the message text box for about a second, before disappearing and subsequent typing is lost. The word “pane” is the indicator that typed text will not go into the message box, so an extra Tab is required.
b.. when replying to a message (CTRL plus R), NVDA says either “window, note, window, window, to, edit” or “document, pane, to, edit” followed by the recipient’s details, as if the focus is on the To box. In fact, the insertion point is in the message text box, typing does go into the message box and Tab inserts 4 spaces into the message text box, so is no good for navigating. Now, on trying to edit the text, although backspace does remove a character, NVDA just says “blank” (and you cannot proof read the whole message, because Caps Lock + L reads the To box contents, not the message box contents). The solution here is to press ALT plus TAB to go out and again to go back before being able to work on the message – this works either before or after starting to type into the message text box.
c.. on forwarding a message with an attachment, at the first Tab after the Subject box, NVDA voices the attachment name, in case you want to delete it, and the final tab takes you to the message text box – i.e. that works fine.
d.. just occasionally, NVDA opens a message window and stays silent – it is simplest to use ALT plus Tab to go away and then back, which should resolve the issue.
e.. for the Devs, I should reiterate that NVDA seems entirely random in what it says and sometimes repeats parts of the window heading or the “To, edit, type recipient name...” announcement, although sometimes it omits “type recipient name....”. It also says random things like “window, note, window, window” which I have not heard before.
I hope that helps in some way. Brian Crabtree
I was testing on an up to date Windows 10 system with the latest version of NVDA and Windows Live Mail 2012.

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