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I'm not sure what you are trying to do.  F6 is usually the way to move from one part of a window to another part of a window such as from tool bar to tool bar or from a window to tool bar or address bar or to move around to where you were originally.  Once on a tool bar, means of movement usually depends on the layout of the tool bar.  If vertical, the up and down arrows are used.  If horizontal, the left and right arrows are used. 

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Subject: [nvda] Getting to web browser toolbar

I feel like I'm beginning to lose my mind, but I know that I figured out how to get to the various buttons for extensions plus the menu button in Chrome and thought I posted about same.  I can get NVDA to throw focus to the Chrome Menu button by hitting ALT+F, and I can eventually get focus on the toolbar buttons between the address bar and the Menu Button playing around with the mouse, but there has to be a way to throw focus into that toolbar somehow, but I can't figure out how.  The buttons are announced accurately if I mouse-over or click on them, and the fact that I'm in a toolbar is mentioned, so this thing has to be accessible somehow.  If someone can point the way for me I would appreciate it.  If the technique is "generic" and applicable to other browsers I'd appreciate knowing that, too.


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