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Also, most mesages that appear don't require you to do anything.  They just sit there and  are replaced by a new message when a new one comes upp.
But if you want to try to find such messages, you may get to them by moving to the address bar control l and then tabbing a few times and then shift tabbing back to, then past where you were to find where they are displayed.  I don't recall if they are usually displayed in the same place.

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that message has not come up recently for me to do that but I think if I remember right it can be turned off under the security section in mozillla fire fox. You will need to look for the following called Remember logins for sites and uncheck it.

Just under that section will be onecalled saved log ins if you go into that section you can remove any from there as well. It is safer to type them in each time rather than save them Unless you have a really good password as in a master password you would want to have it really hard to break.

If this is the case check the master password one. I forgot to say it is under the tools....options section in mozilla fire fox.

I know I can get to that other part you were talking about, but I can not remember how at present.

Gene nz

On 23/06/2016 12:12 PM, Chris Shook via wrote:
I've been using firefox for the passed few weeks for most of my brousing. I have one question. How do you get to the alert toolbars? For example, the alert that asks if you want to save the password for this website?

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