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JM Casey

Bandcamp is one of the best things on the internet for musicians and audience alike right now. It’s really a site I end up visiting sometimes multiple times daily.


JAWS seems to play a little nicer with the player buttons at the moment, but there are plenty of sites I have to use the route ‘n’ mouse click feature with JAWS, too. It’s something I’ve definitely had to get more used to in the last few years. The Skip the Dishes (kind of like an uber service for food delivery) website here until recently was completely unusable without simulated mouse clicks for pretty much everything.


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Seriously, it seems more work than I feel like doing, but I'll do just because I really want to hear how that project would sound after all.
The idea of robotic music be it whatever it could be fascinates me. Smiles.

P.S.: I sent you an email off-list, did you receive it?

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Em 24/02/2019 15:27, Brian Vogel escreveu:


           What's really peculiar to me is that the quick navigation shortcuts will gain you focus on the various buttons, which I had not tried before because this is the first time I have ever encountered a page where brute force tab traversal doesn't encounter controls in roughly the same order as they're seen on the screen.  At some point I'm going to have to keep tabbing and tabbing and tabbing to see if, eventually, those buttons are traversed.

            Using the B quick navigation shortcut will get you focus on the button, but when I have focus on the button with NVDA using NumPad Slash to left click still does nothing at all.  Neither does spacebar or enter.   However, once I have focus on the button via the B command, if I use NVDA+Num Pad Slash to route the mouse to the NVDA item with focus, then hit NumPad Slash (or left click if you have a prepared mouse or have left your mousepad hard buttons active while covering the tracking area), it works.

             You have to go around Jake's barn, as they say in the region I live in to get it to work, but you eventually can.  But in order to even get to that stage relatively quickly you have to know there are buttons on the page, use the B quick navigation command to get to one, find that spacebar or enter won't activate it, then play the route PC to screen reader focus and emulate left click game to activate it.

              That's more than I'd expect anyone unfamiliar with a page's contents from the outset to ever be able to do quickly and "instinctively."


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