Re: Having troubles to play with a website


Man, seriously, I'm giving up on this.
I just did what you said now. And this time I made double sure that these were the right commands.
Either this project isn't playable at all or my computer is joking on me, or even my browser is getting into a conspiracy to get me mad. LOL
Anyway, thanks for all of your and also others answers and patience. This community is awesome.
Feeling like a newbie at the end of the day but that's ok. That's the life, isn't it?

Em 24/02/2019 19:12, Brian Vogel escreveu:


         I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but it's not what I said earlier other than using B to find the Play button.  After you have focus on it:

If you're using desktop layout:
                Hit NVDA+NumPad Divide  [route PC mouse to NVDA Navigator Object]
                Hit NumPad Divide              [left click]

if you're using laptop keystrokes those steps would be:
                Hit NVDA+Shift+M     [route PC mouse to NVDA Navigator Object]
                Hit NVDA+[                [left click]

I don't know what NVDA+SHIFT+Backspace does and NVDA+] is RIGHT click, not left click.

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