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I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, only at the moment its only at start up. If I leave it for about three mins then it can be closed, but not until. Last time it was according to a friend a picture of a cartoon dog promoting one of the paid for services, such as business services. I'm getting the impression that they are short of money and need moor of us to pay. Now they are not making any friends by this sort of nagging are they?

Its even worse if the nag screen does not contain any readable text.
I do have worries though as we use dropbox a lot for talking newspapers and if this goes on some of us will be looking for something less inaccessible

I only have version 67 here so maybe this mess is on the latest version.
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Hi all,

I'm running Dropbox v68.3.92. Approximately every half an hour or so, NVDA's focus is being moved to a Dropbox window which only seems to contain a single, blank edit field. The window doesn't seem to stay on the screen, but focus isn't returned to where it was previously after it disappears. In fact, NVDA reports it as taking up a rectangle of 0 pixels, so I don't know if anything shows up visually on the screen at all.

As you can imagine, having to dismiss these boxes several times per day is irritating. Does anybody have a work-around?


James Scholes

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