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As a matter of interest, can you access the log in share, and the preferences OK? I lost access to these some time ago, and now have to use a sighted person to change them.
They have though thankfully stopped that annoying pop up that asked if you wanted to delete files from all devices. In order to get around this inaccessible bit I used to have to delete from a command prompt.
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Is there any reason to have it running constantly?

Yes. I use Dropbox for work, so exiting and restarting the client all day long would be just as inconvenient as these pop-ups. My Dropbox also contains a large number of source code files. They're small in size but the Dropbox client takes a long time to index them on startup. Not to mention the fact that one of the key selling points of the product is that it runs in the background, making cloud storage as convenient as a folder on your computer.

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