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Hi George,
I'm using the laptop layout. And I just did it yesterday before giving up on this site. Nothing happened at all, so I really don't feel like trying it anymore :(
Em 25/02/2019 00:23, George McCoy escreveu:

Do you have nvda's keyboard layout  set to laptop?  if so, do the following:

Press b until you get to the button you want to click.

hold down the nvda and shift keys and press the letter m to route the mouse to the button.

Hold down the nvda key and press the left bracket key to click the button.

To see whether keyboard layout is set to laptop or desktop, do the following:

Press nvda plus n to open the nvda menu.

Press p to open preferences.

Press enter to open settings.

Press the letter k for keyboard.

Tab once and the keyboard layout setting will be spoken.

Press escape to exit the nvda menu.



On 2/24/2019 3:47 PM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
Well I tried to use the said commands to make whatever there play, but still no luck.
As I am using a Dell laptop, I do:
Hit B until I hear play.
Press NVDA+SHIFT+BACKSPACE twice until hear play again.
Press NVDA+].
And that's it. Nothing happens :(

Em 24/02/2019 16:56, Brian Vogel escreveu:
Indeed, all of the following are true:

  1. You will not find the buttons for audio control on the page except by using the B quick navigation shortcut
  2. Hitting spacebar or enter when you have gained focus on those buttons does nothing.
  3. Using NVDA+/ to route the PC mouse pointer to the NVDA navigator object, then using NumPad slash to activate it will make it play (or, if you're on the jump to next track or other audio control button do what that button does).

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