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Well users on my twitter feed have had this happen on their macs as well as their windows workstations so.

On 25/02/2019 10:28 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Unfortunately many of us do need dropbox all day long.
I only see it at start up at the moment, or rather don't see it. It has the knock on effect that a calendar pop up I have cannot be minimised until the window closes on its own a few minutes.
Can somebody perhaps contact dropbox themselves. They normally are helpful if a little slow. After all they may innocently be closing these windows for the sighted, ie, they are transparent but oblivious that the open window is not vanishing for the screenreader user.

Could be one for theĀ  dev list in case anyone over there has a contact?

As I say, in my windows 7 there is more wrong with dropbox than just this, but as its main core functions work, I leave well alone. I used to stop updates but Dropbox then started to send me messages that I had not got the latest dropbox.
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I have this in dropbox 67 to.

To be honest, do you need dropbox running all day long.

I used to run projects with various people which was my main reason to keep it running at all costs, however, usually I sync data once a day and only when I have data, dropbox stays up till its not needed and then turned off.

Even if I do a project, I update dropbox, shut it down and bring it up several times a day as needed and never run it on startup so its not a big issue.

On 25/02/2019 4:32 AM, James Scholes wrote:
Hi all,

I'm running Dropbox v68.3.92. Approximately every half an hour or so, NVDA's focus is being moved to a Dropbox window which only seems to contain a single, blank edit field. The window doesn't seem to stay on the screen, but focus isn't returned to where it was previously after it disappears. In fact, NVDA reports it as taking up a rectangle of 0 pixels, so I don't know if anything shows up visually on the screen at all.

As you can imagine, having to dismiss these boxes several times per day is irritating. Does anybody have a work-around?


James Scholes



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