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There are a lot of issues with forms for me. Sometimes the actual label is not read or the text in a field placed they by the form builder gets read instead but of course goes away as you type. Having played with various permutations of the automatic settings for focus mode I cannot come up with one that suits all occasions, sadly. Jaws seems to have a bit more luck but is not perfect by any means.
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I sometimes find that when I enter a checkbox I automatically get thrown into browse mode. Since I am filling out a form I want to stay in forms mode because when in browse mode I sometimes will get focus completely thrown out of content.
So, 1) Is there a way to keep me in a given mode once I am in it 2) Is there a way to avoid being thrown out of the current element that I am in if I am not in forms mode (e.g., pressing the space bar will throw me out of focus occasionally when I am in forms mode)

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