Re: Differences between using the NVDA and the browser commands search on a webpage


I also would like to know what I'd be doing wrong since I have the very same result on my side.
Please so?
Em 26/02/2019 01:07, Brian Vogel escreveu:

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 10:51 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:
Control-F (which is the standard windows find function), works in browse mode.
I truly am not certain what you mean by "works."   If by that you mean finds the search string, sure.  If you also means gives any meaningful feedback when it does so or starts reading from the instance its sitting on if you start reading, then no.

I get silence, dead silence, using Chrome find in Chrome in browse mode and I've tried it on the Commands Quick Reference page and since it's very text intensive.  Also just tried it on with the same result.

I get nothing but dead silence as the search string is found, and found, and found and cannot make NVDA read from where the browser find has landed.

By contrast, if I use the NVDA find every time I land on the search string it's announced (along with a bit of text around it) and, if I commence reading, it goes from there and takes off.

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.  I certainly wouldn't tell any of my students that there is an equivalence in behavior between browser find and NVDA find on every webpage on which I've done a comparison.

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