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Steve Nutt



With JAWS, you can change the way the enter key acts, between Emulate mouse click and Pass through the enter key.


I honestly don’t know if you can change this in NVDA, but it may have some effect if you can.


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I wonder what happens when a sighted person uses a mouse on the links.  We don't know if JAWS is causing the action.  A sighted person may have no action taken and NVDA may be reflecting the actual design of the program.


Can you test with a sighted person and no screen-reader running or ask on a
Becky support forum?  At this point, the question can't be answered because of the possibility that JAWS is taking the action.



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If it happenes to be a HTML page and Becky sees it as HTML, then sure it
will with <enter>. But I generally want my message in text format, so
the links come across as

and all I do there is double left click on the http part and Becky! mail
send it to the browser, that is if the mouse/WE/JFW cursor is in the
beginning of that http part.
Curtis Delzer, HS.
San Bernardino, CA

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