Re: alt tab quits working at random when nvda is running

Sarah k Alawami

except I did not have explorer open. I had p3d, obs, firefox, project fly, skype, I think my mail program and that was about it. Is there a way retrieve the logs from 2 restarts of nvda ago or am I basically SOL until it happens again. I really do want to submit the log for this if possible.

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I also get this but put it down to the same issue like open an Explorer window and nvda will not register its open yet it is open as cursor down brings it to life. Same goes sometimes in web sites not auto reading or indeed not showing having focus either unless you do something like open a menu and close it

I think that there is a kind of slugging effect going on in all these scenarios that makes nvda not get the event it needs to detect the changes reliably.

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Subject: [nvda] alt tab quits working at random when nvda is running

Summary: when using alt tab to get from program to program, nvda will
sometimes not an-ounce the program O'm on when holding alt and hitting


1. Launch nvda
2. Use nvda as normal and alt tab between many windows. I sometimes have
between 5 and 10 running..
3. Notice that sometimes alt tab fails to speak the window I'm on but
when I let go after let's say hitting tab 3 times I will gain focus on
that window.

Regression: I can regress this to some builds last year, although I
thought it was a windows issue so never actually reported it..

Expected results:

I should be able to see the windows that i'm alt tabbing through
instead of getting silence

Windows version 10 1809 updated last Saturday to the latest.
32 gigs of ram, 4.0 ghz processor and 64 bit architecture.

Work around:
Restarting nvda always works to bring my alt tab behavior back. I just
shut off my computer last night so no logs will be apparent. Is there a
way I can retrieve the log from the time before I restarted nvda and
before I shut down the computer?

This is random so I can't really say when this happens or give any
pattern to how to make this happen.

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