Re: Differences between using the NVDA and the browser commands search on a webpage


On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 01:13 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:
I open a web page, hit control-F, type in what I'm looking for, press enter, then press escape,
You do realize, Travis, that you omitted that last part about pressing Escape until this very post.  And that's the pivotal trick to getting the method you use to work.

It is also, to me, a very kludgey way to get the same result that every screen reader gives you using its built-in search, and with no more key presses.  Having to press the modifier key as part of the search, rather than Escape after the search, is a heck of a lot more natural to me when working with a screen reader.

But, it's clear now that there is a technique that can be made to work if one chooses to use a straight browser search:  hitting Escape.    I still find the dead silence while I'm looking for something, particularly when that something repeats, particularly unhelpful.  I have been known, on rare occasions, to tell someone something like, "find the fifth occurrence of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" on the page.  I find that most of them find it much easier when they can hear occurrences one through four as they search through.

To each his or her own.

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