Re: NVDA podcast or representative


Hmmph you could always try the coolblindtech guys not sure if they would exactly do a cast on nvda necessarily but its worth a shot.

The guy may even get a spotlight cast back, its been a long time since they actuall broadcast anything themselves though there are articles and stuff going up every week so they aren't down and out.

For our own materials we aren't to shabby.

We have audio tutorials, whatsnews and nvda con archive casts as well as promo videos and the like joseph lee has done.

Could it be possible for us to have enough material to set something up if not a cast for ourselves we have enough archived materials  to blow our own trumpet.

Now I do co admin a site that does casts on a few things, but I use nvda for myself and not for everything under the sun.

Saying this, if this guydoesn't mind interviews himself or even depending on things a cast on something, tech@... is the guy's address of the guy that makes the cast I co run.

Weather he wants to do whatever is his call though I am just a site admin with a few articles thrown in.

We are looking for things to cast though, as its mostly security breaches and some braille and app casts on various things.

I havn't really had anything audio related to contribute for a little though.

On 27/02/2019 3:24 PM, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:

Earlier I was speaking with the President of the Montego Bay Society for the Blind. He is looking to speak with someone on his internet station or get permission to play a podcast that gives information about NVDA. His name is Robert Blake. Who can I put him in contact with?

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