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Here is a thorough explanation of combo boxes in terms of opening them.  It is a little long but many people may find it useful.
The command to open a combo box is alt down arrow.  But you first have to be in forms mode.  You can manually go into forms mode, then issue the command alt down arrow.  If the combo box makes the screen-reader automatically go into forms mode, you still have to open the combo box.  The two actions are completely separate.
Some combo boxes don't have to be opened.  Some do.  If you are in a combo box that needs to be opened, trying to move in the combo box will cause it to take an action.  For example, if you are in a list of states, down arrowing will cause the combo box to do something, such as open a page or register the state you have moved to as the one you want and take you out of forms mode and put you back in browse mode again.  If you open such combo boxes, you can move up and down as much as you want and no action will be taken until you press enter or, I believe tab may cause the action to be taken as well.
In combo boxes that don't require opening, yu can move up and down as often as you want with no action being taken.  Some people go into forms mode at a combo box and then issue the open command.  That is so that no combo box will take an action they don't want taken.

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Can you have it manually switch between browse and focus modes without it automatically opening a combo box when you come to one? having it do so in a combo box is why I don't have it manually switch between the two. System Access, the screen reader I previously used, would automatically allow you to start typing in an edit box, but when you got to a combo box or a drop-down menu, you had to hit alt+d I believe. I don't recall now if that keystroke opened combo boxes or just drop-down menus, but anyway, when I started using NVDA, I had it set to automatically switch, but then, one time, I was shopping and ran into a combo box. Not realizing the thing had opened automatically, I nearly ended up buying way, way more than I'd intended to by inadvertently selecting a high number of whatever item it was I was trying to purchase. I don't even remember now what the item was, but I remember thinking, OK, I don't want this thing automatically opening the combo box and confusing the heck out of me! So I'm just wondering: Can you have it switch between browse and focus modes, while not automatically opening combo boxes. I'd rather open those myself. If not, I'll just keep it the way it is. It's nothing, really, to hit alt space when I need to write something. Only takes a second to do.


On 2/26/2019 3:14 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 04:05 PM, Steve Nutt wrote:
This reply is not meant as a "jumping down your throat," but once you get to an ecosystem other than Windows we're talking about an entirely different world.

You are not alone, however, in liking the automatic switching between modes.   I prefer it except in very specific circumstances, and those occur so seldom that I'd never make the default be manual switching.

Some of this comes from when different people began using screen readers, too, as at one time manual switching was the default.  It's all pretty much in what you got used to and comfortable with.

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