Re: Extraneous text in Windows Settings after 1809 upgrade

Michel Such

Hi all,

I get the problem on some machines and not on some others.

Here, it seems that it does not happen on machines that have drectly been setup with 1809, but happen on those which have got to 1809 by upgrading previous versions.

But 5 machines are not enough to make sure.

Michel Such
Le 27/02/2019 à 17:21, Sarah k Alawami a écrit :

I've ben using 1809 for about 3 months now and have ot yet seen this issue. I've heard of it on this list somewhare though.

Take care

On 27 Feb 2019, at 4:42, Chris Mullins wrote:


I have just upgraded from Windows 1803 to 1809 and now when I use the ~Windows Settings app I hear the following :


CN=Microsoft Windows, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US


It sounds like the type of thing a developer would put into a program when debugging to check variable contents at a particular point in execution.  Does anyone else get this?




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