Being Unsubscribed for Marking Messages as Spam #adminnotice


Hello All,

           You can consider this my first formal communication as group moderator, and I'm hoping that it will help not only the group as a whole but as a whole, too.

           First, let me say, that I know that many of you who've experienced this have not done this marking yourself.   If, however, you did, and you did it intentionally:  Please STOP!!   There are all sorts of mechanisms in place these days behind the scenes that feed information about messages marked by users as spam up to their e-mail service providers, that then gets shared among e-mail service providers, to create spam filters.    This is absolutely marvelous when messages are marked correctly, but if non-spam gets marked, then non-spam starts to get identified as spam by the e-mail service providers, leading everyone to have things blocked that they'd rather be getting.

           If you are not intentionally marking anything as spam, but are getting a message from saying that you have been unsubscribed for marking a message as spam, this means that your own e-mail service provider is doing that marking, which is not a good thing.  Thus, I'm asking you to please make the effort to contact your e-mail service provider and ask them to remove anything that comes from any address from their spam filters.   The only way anyone should be getting messages from is if they went to the effort to subscribe, and by definition subscription e-mail lists cannot be spam.  You may get messages you don't want, and if they're few and far between, then delete them, but don't mark them as spam.

            If you are on any group where traffic is substantial, and you don't want to deal with individual messages, you can change your subscription to digest to cut down on your traffic or use a number of controls provided to really limit what you're going to see from for a given group.  I will post the instructions on what exists, and how to use it, here again now:

         Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from


            There has been a lot of recent conversation on a couple of the administrators groups about people being unsubscribed for having marked messages as spam, even when they personally have not done so.   I wanted you all to know why this is happening when you have not done any marking and what you can do to at least try to educate your e-mail service provider about messages not being spam.

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