Re: Being Unsubscribed for Marking Messages as Spam #adminnotice


On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 05:30 PM, Cohn, Jonathan wrote:
I usually get at least 3 messages a week from this list that are quarantined from my inbox. (including the one I am replying to). I almost always press the ‘release” button, and I have never clicked “block”.
Even if you were to block, it is only if this action also carries with it the marking of a blocked message as spam that the problematic feedback loops come into play.

You might want to consider whitelisting anything that comes from an address that ends in in your own e-mail filters.  It can save you having to keep releasing things.  Notifying your e-mail service provider that things originating from are not spam or suspicious would be helpful, too.

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