Re: POP is unwise [was: Being Unsubscribed for Marking Messages as Spam #adminnotice]

Richard Wells

What I like about imap is that if you use more than one machine to retrieve messages, you can look at your folder structure from anywhere you are logged into your Email. My personal combination is NVDA and Thunderbird using imap on all accounts.

On 2/28/2019 9:08 AM, Travis Siegel wrote:
Nothing, pop is no less or more secure than imap, in fact, many would say pop is more secure than imap, since your messages only everlive in one place at a time, and are under your ocmplete control.  Of course, if you want to talk about security issues, then straight pop3 message retrieval certainly isn't secure, but many mail servers setup separate ports with ssl protection for retrieving pop email, and in that case, it's just as secure as any other method of retrieving email, there's nothing inherently wrong with how you retireve your email, whether it's pop3 or imap, it's all about what you need, and what's most convenient.

On 2/28/2019 9:35 AM, Antony Stone wrote:
What is unwise about using POP these days?


On Thursday 28 February 2019 at 15:22:08, Brian Vogel wrote:

Using POP in this day and age is unwise (though that is a separate issue of
its own).


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