Re: POP is unwise [was: Being Unsubscribed for Marking Messages as Spam #adminnotice]

Nimer Jaber

In reading all these messages, it seems that this thread is at an impass. I think that Pop is awful, and I think that anyone who thinks that it is worth using is ignoring the reality that it is a terrible standard that leaves too much to chance and causes more trouble than it is worth, yet I read Travis' messages and he seems to find value in it. Either way, I am pretty sure that we have exhausted this topic to death, and at this point it isn't relevant whatsoever to NVDA. Let's try to bring this topic to a close, shall we?


On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 11:10 AM Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...> wrote:

Wishing something would go away because it doesn't fit your definition of what is useful is just plain silly.

If that were the case, then I wish narrator would go away, I whish jaws wold go away, I wish windows would go away.  Hell, I wish microsoft would go away.

\See, it serves no purpose.

There are people who use pop3, and it works just fine for them.  There are definitely use cases where pop3 is a better fit than imap, and there are use cases where imap is clearly the better alternative.  Wishing one or the other would go away is just ignorance talking.

If you don't wish to use it, then don't, but that doesn't mean that others who are fully aware of what they're getting, and do wish to use it shouldn't do so.  I for one much prefer pop3, for several reasons, including disk usage, security, issues, ease of backup, and others.

When folks talk about folks loosing years worth of emails because they used pop3, my question is did those folks ever backup their mail? I'm thinking no.  Sure, it's not the easiest thing to move mail from one email client to another, but you're just as likely to loose all your imap messages if your email provider goes bye-bye as well, and nobody here can tell me that's never happened.

It's six of one, and half dozen of the other, use what works for you, and allow others to use what works for them.

On 2/28/2019 12:47 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

With my old internet provider, I had a pop 3 account. After I got to a certain amount of messages, my email started bouncing. I don't think people are using pop so much anymore but I could be wrong. I wish pop 3 would go away too.




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Yes you can. I have about 200 thousand messages on gmail's server and it doesn't really complain at me. You can also clean them up using iMap as well. I use iMap and wish that pop 3 would just go away and die. All the email and attachments are backed up in the cloud and no matter what device as stated you are on you can always get your mail. I lost over 3 years worth of messages once so am not going back to pop3.

On 28 Feb 2019, at 7:49, Gene wrote:

I don't use IMAP so others can answer the question.  But I'm sure you can delete messages if you wish.  As I understand it, you can keep a large number on the server if you wish. 



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Em 28/02/2019 12:34, Gene escreveu:

unless you want a permanent collection of all your received messages off site. 

Does it means that using IMAP I won't be able to delete any message?




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