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I don't think you import them into the new account.  I don't use Thunderbird, but Windows Live Mail has folders in the e-mail program itself specifically for saving messages you want to store in the program and not have them on the e-mail server. 
You can move messages to those folders.  You aren't backing anything up in this way.  You are moving mail to off line folders.  You may want to back up mail as well.  I'll let those who use Thunderbird explain how.

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Thanks for the excellent answer.
However what I need to know is way simpler, I guess :)
I just wish to know if there's a way of saving my atual messages that are already into Thunderbird for import them to the new account or I will lose everything without anything I could try doing before it happens.
Also, is there any difference reading e-mails? Any thing I should be aware of when setting my account with IMAP? Any thing I need to activate on the web interface?
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Basically pop3 is when you actually download the messages and can sort them at your end. Imap is a synchronising system where what is on the remote server is what is on your computer. This means that you can move messages within imap yourself and they will stay on the remote server as well, but pop 3 allows offline  rules which is why I use it. I think if you have imap and pop3 access to the same account you can just delete the ones you want to on imap, then either move thee ones you want to keep manually to other folders on that imap interface, or then go and download what is left to the pop3 version and use rules to sort the messages there. Beware though as I found out the hard way that my ISP seems to have only limited sync between pop3 and Imap meaning that if I delete them on Imap they still download from pop3, but if I move spam on Imap to inbox I get those also delivered to pop3.

I know Google seems to have a slightly different way of working as if I delete my email on,, say my Iphone on a gmail account it won't download it to pop3, so assuming the Iphone is using Imap, then they obviously enforce the rules

Really I agree its a nightmare, but if you think what you actually want to do and ignore the Imap, then does it really matter if the inbox on there is a mess, you really only need to look at spam and move to inbox for the stuff to be delivered.

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As the mod kindly asked to the old thread about POP to be closed I'm
starting this new one to ask it.

When I ask for a way to backup my messages, actually, I'm talking about
saving them.
Let me try to explain it better.
I use POP and I delete most of the messages right after
reading/answering themm. However, there are those that I want to keep
(and I do), some of them way behind from a month.
What I want, then, is to save these messages in a way that I could put
them back on my other profile that I'm thinking about creating with IMAP.

I also would like to know if there's any difference regarding how
Thunderbird deal with these messages using IMAP instead of POP. There'll
be some difference when I open a message to read, to see its attachments
and such?

Thanks in advance :)

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