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The V box manage command gives you access to everything where is the GUI does not.

Having said that it is possible to use the GUI with NVDA if you follow the instructions found in the virtual box manual. I think in either chapter 1 or chapter 2. This should give you enough information to make use of the GUI with nvda

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On 28 Feb 2019, at 14:18, mattias <mjonsson1986@...> wrote:

i like the gui better

Den 2019-02-27 kl. 18:30, skrev Didier Colle:

Not really an answer to your question, but is there any reason why you
need the GUI?
I am happy to use the vboxmanage command (simple purely text based
command with all possible flexibility I ever needed so far...) in a
cygwin shell window...

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mattias writes:

how can jaws read the virtualbox gui without issues

jaws 2018

but nvda cant realy do that yet

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