Re: how to know when a thread is locked


Hi Adrian,
Oh, that's just part of my signature. I'm Glad you sent me a friend request though.
And if anyone wants to do the same, feel free! :)
Em 28/02/2019 21:52, ADRIAN POCOCK escreveu:

hi Marcio

Thank you very much for your reply, very helpful.

I do not do the follow me thing on any social platform, not really into it.

But i did send friend request on Facebook, i do occasionally use Facebook messenger.

All the Best Adrian Pocock. Email ampbeast@...

On 01/03/2019 00:20, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
Em 28/02/2019 21:15, ADRIAN POCOCK escreveu:
You mentioned a subgroup, is there just one or are there many and if so is there a clearly labelled list of them and if there is one whats its name.
Hi Adrian,
See this link, it contains all subgroups to this list.


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