Re: Brave browser

Sue J. Ward

Hello. I have been reading about the browser and I did download it and I have it on both windows 10 machines. One of them is a windows 10 home 64 bit and the other one is a windows 10 pro 64 bit and the browsers work great on both PCS. What I did was I turned a lot of the stuff I wanted off and the stuff I wanted on just like how I have it set up in Chrome and opera and it works great. I do have the adds blocked on and the tracking protection on plus after I installed it I did a scan with addwcleaner and it did not find anything. Plus I downloaded the extensions just like in chrome the sound on click extensions and the download sound extention and it works great. You guys should really give it a try with NVDA cause it is similar to Chrome and opera. I am impressed and happy.
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