Project Pylennium: Version 1903 posted, last source code only snapshot from Joseph Lee


Hi everyone,


Here it is, the latest installment of source code only snapshot of NVDA Python 3 edition. This version (1903) includes code from latest alpha snapshot, along with small changes here and there to make NVDA run on Python 3.


IMPORTANT: the next few weeks will be a busy time for me outside of NVDA community. Hence, today’s Project Pylennium (Python 3 edition of NVDA) snapshot will be the last source code snapshot from me. I do know that there are NVDA developers who can finish this job at some point (as I’ve been saying for a while now, the overall schedule is determined by NV Access people, so please listen to them as your guide).


This announcement does not mean I’m giving up on Python 3 transition work (I did retire from translation work, but am still ready to assist with some code contribution activities). I’m still keeping an eye on Python 3 development (these days, more towards Python 3.8 and what it means for the NVDA community). At this time, I’d like to take a more background role and provide guidance if people need them.


NVDA Python 3 Edition Version 1903:


Keep the following things in mind:

  • You should read and follow directions listed in readme.txt as exactly as shown.
  • This zip file contains everything you need to run NVDA from Python 3 (minus dependencies).
  • Only people who are serious about Python 3 transition and wishing to assist NV Access people and other developers should test this snapshot.




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